Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in Eldora

: There are a total of 0 EV charging stations within a 10-mile radius of the center of Eldora, IA.
Solar power for your home
Solar power for your home

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in Eldora, IA

Sorry, there aren't any EV charging stations in or near Eldora.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentives in Eldora, IA

Tax incentives and/or other incentives for drivers of electric vehicles in Eldora.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Demonstration Grant Authorization

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (Department) may award demonstration grants to individuals who purchase vehicles that operate on alternative fuels, including but not limited to E85, biodiesel, compressed natural gas, electricity, solar energy, or hydrogen. Individuals may use the grants to conduct research connected with the fuel or vehicle. Grant funding to purchase the vehicle is available if the Department retains the title of the vehicle, the vehicle is used for research, and the proceeds from the eventual sale of the vehicle are used for additional research. Grants are subject to funding availability.

(Reference Iowa Code 214A.24)

Alternative Fuel Tax

Alternative fuels used as vehicle fuel are taxed as follows:

  • Compressed natural gas is subject to the state fuel excise tax of $0.31 per gasoline gallon equivalent, measured at 5.66 pounds (lbs.) or 126.67 cubic feet at a base temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure of 14.73 lbs. per square inch;
  • Liquefied natural gas is subject to the excise tax of $0.325 per diesel gallon equivalent (DGE), measured at 6.06 lbs.;
  • Propane is subject to the excise tax of $0.30 per gallon;
  • E85 is subject to the excise tax of $0.290 per gallon;
  • B20 is subject to the excises tax of $0.295 per gallon;
  • B100 is subject to the excise tax of $0.325 per gallon;
  • Hydrogen is subject to the excise tax of $0.65 per DGE, measured at 2.49 lbs.; and
  • Electricity will be subject to the excise tax of $0.026 per kilowatt-hour of fuel delivered or placed into a battery or other energy storage device of an electric motor vehicle at any location in Iowa other than a residence.

(Reference Iowa Code 452A.2, 452A.3, 452A.41, and 452A.86)

Electric Vehicle (EV) Fee

EV owners must pay an annual fee in addition to standard registration fees. All-electric EV owners must pay an annual fee of $130 and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle owners must pay an annual fee of $65.

(Reference Iowa Code 321.116)

Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Support

Iowa utilities joined the National Electric Highway Coalition (NEHC), committing to create a network of direct current fast charging (DCFC) stations connecting major highway systems from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific of the United States. NEHC utility members agree to ensure efficient and effective fast charging deployment plans that enable long distance EV travel, avoiding duplication among coalition utilities, and complement existing corridor DCFC sites. For more information, including a list of participating utilities and states, see the NEHC website.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Rebates - Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives (IAEC)

Members of IAEC may offer rebates to residential and commercial customers for the installation of qualifying Level 2 EV charging stations. Local cooperatives that may currently offer these incentives include:

  • Access Energy Cooperative
  • Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative
  • Associated Electric Cooperative
  • Atchison-Holt Electric Cooperative
  • Basin Electric Power Cooperative
  • Boone Valley ELectric Cooperative -Calhoun County Electric Cooperative Association
  • Central Iowa Power Cooperative
  • Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative
  • Clarke Electric Cooperative -Consumers Energy
  • Corny Belt Power Cooperative
  • Diaisyland power Cooperative
  • East-Central Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative
  • Eastern Iowa Light & Power Cooperative
  • Farmers Electric Cooperative
  • Franklin Rural Electric Cooperative
  • Guthrie County Rural Electric Cooperative
  • Grundy County Rural Electric Cooperative
  • Grunt Electric Cooperative
  • Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative
  • Heartland Power Cooperative
  • Iowa Area Development Group
  • Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative
  • L&O Power Cooperative
  • Linn County Rural Electric Cooperative
  • Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative
  • Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative
  • Midland Power Cooperative
  • MiEnergy Cooperative
  • Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Power Cooperative
  • North Central Misssouri Electric Cooperative
  • Northwest Rural Electric Cooperative
  • Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative
  • Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative
  • N.W. Electric Power Cooperative
  • Osceola Electric Cooperative
  • Pella Cooperative Electric Association
  • Prairie Energy Cooperative
  • Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative
  • Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative
  • Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative
  • T.I.P. Rural Electric Cooperative
  • United Electric Cooperative
  • Western Iowa Power Cooperative
  • Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative

For more information, including a full list of member cooperatives and available incentives, see the IAEC website.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in or near Eldora, IA

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