Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in Dover

: There are a total of 2 EV charging stations within a 10-mile radius of the center of Dover, AR.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in Dover, AR

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Electric Charging Station

Super 8 - Russellville - Tesla Destination

Electric Charging Station

2404 N Arkansas Ave Russellville, AR 72802

Hours of operation: 24 hours daily; for Tesla use only; ...

Electric Charging Station

Cogswell Motors

Electric Charging Station

1900 E Main St Russellville, AR 72801

Hours of operation: Dealership business hours

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentives in Dover, AR

Tax incentives and/or other incentives for drivers of electric vehicles in Dover.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Infrastructure Rebate Program

The Office of Energy, a division of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, administers the Arkansas Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program (Program), funded by the Alternative Motor Fuel Development Fund. The Program provides 50% of the incremental cost, up to $4,500, to purchase a qualified hydrogen fuel cell, natural gas, or propane vehicle, 50% of the conversion cost, up to $2,500, for converting a hydrogen fuel cell, natural gas, or propane vehicle, and 50% of the incremental cost, up to $2,500, to purchase a qualified plug-in electric vehicle.

Rebates are available for natural gas and propane fueling stations in the amount of 75% of qualifying costs, up to $400,000, and up to 50% of qualifying costs for private and public electric vehicle supply equipment, up to $900 and $5,000 respectively. Compressed natural gas (CNG) must be delivered to a vehicle at 3,000 pounds (lbs.) per square inch and metered on a gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE); liquefied natural gas (LNG) must be metered on a diesel gallon equivalent (DGE). One GGE of CNG is equal to 5.66 lbs. and one DGE of LNG is equal to 6.22 lbs.

The Office of Energy reviews and processes vehicle rebate applications on a first-come, first-served basis. The Program is currently closed and no funding is available (verified April 2018)

(Reference House Bill 1735, 2017, and Arkansas Code 15-10-901 to 15-10-904 and 19-5-1249)

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in or near Dover, AR

Find all electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in and/or near Dover (Arkansas). Search and compare local EV charging stations in Dover, and find a convenient location to charge your car.

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