Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in Somerville

: There are a total of 1 EV charging stations within a 10-mile radius of the center of Somerville, AL.
Solar power for your home
Solar power for your home

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in Somerville, AL

Electric Charging Station

Hartselle 1 Hartselle 1

Electric Charging Station

110 Hickory St SW Hartselle, AL 35640

Hours of operation: 24 hours daily

Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentives in Somerville, AL

Tax incentives and/or other incentives for drivers of electric vehicles in Somerville.

Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Charging Rate Incentive - Alabama Power

Alabama Power offers a Business Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use (BEVT) rate for electricity purchased to charge PEVs used for fleet purposes. The electricity used for vehicle charging is metered separately from all other electricity use. For more information, see the BEVT rate guidance. In addition, Alabama Power offers a Residential PEV rate for customers that can verify possession of a qualified PEV. For more information, see the Residential PEV rate guidance.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in or near Somerville, AL

Find all electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in and/or near Somerville (Alabama). Search and compare local EV charging stations in Somerville, and find a convenient location to charge your car.

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